EOLC-FPSP Exhaust Only Low Ceiling with Front Perforated Supply Plenum

Kitchen Hoods


Model Features

  • Standard Hood Widths: 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”
  • Standard Hood Lengths: One-piece construction from 4’ through 16’
  • Standard Hood Front: 12”
  • Standard Hood Heights: 24” & 30”
  • Material Types: 430 & 304 Stainless Steel, or Aluminized Steel
  • Non-listed sizes and alternative materials are available
  • UL Listed pre-wired incandescent lights
  • UL classified Aluminum Baffle type grease filters
  • The EOLC-FPSP hood is constructed heavy gauge materials, and employs a solid welded standing seam construction
  • Construction techniques and strict quality control measures ensure a top quality end product that is built to provide years of trouble-free service
  • The FPSP plenum (field mounted) on the face of the hood features unique perforated V-shaped balancing plates mounted inside the collar; this ensures the make-up air is evenly distributed along the full face of the hood
  • The Model EOLC-FPSP is built in accordance with: NFPA96, ETL listed and tested to UL710 Standards, and approved by the NSF

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Model Overview

The Exhaust Only Low Ceiling w/ Front Perforated Supply Plenum (EOLC-FPSP) hood model is an exhaust only canopy style hood. The EOLC-FPSP hood is built with a short front design that allows for more headroom in low ceiling applications. The FPSP is field installed and discharges the make-up air down across the face of the hood. S&P USA’s FPSP is built with internal V-shaped perforated balancing plates that ensure the make-up air is evenly distributed across the full length of the plenum. The EOLC-FPSP hood is only recommended for use where additional headroom is needed and is suitable for most cooking applications.


  • The use of heavy gauge materials and construction techniques result in an end product that is more rigid and easier to install
  • Superior airflow rates: This hood model operates at the lowest exhaust CFM to reduce the amount of space conditioning needed and reduce the volume of make-up air needed
  • 90% of the system’s required make-up air is supplied by the external front plenum
  • The design of the EOLC-FPSP hood maximizes capture and containment of cooking effluents to increase the kitchen comfort level
  • The FPSP plenum (field mounted) on the face of the hood increases the capture and containment function on the hood and does not interfere with cooking operation below the hood
  • By design, most of the make-up air is directed into the canopy and re-exhausted by the kitchen hood; this function promotes energy efficiency and kitchen comfort
  • The EOLC-FPSP hood is recommended for all cooking applications from light to extra heavy cooking loads

1-Year Warranty

Standard Accessories

Standoffs 3", 4", 6"    
V-Bank Island Style    
CV-Bank Island Style    
End Panels    
1, 2, 3 and 4 Switch Control Panels    
Electrical Control Packages    
Auto Fan Control System    
ANSUL Fire Suppression    
Recessed Lights    
1, 2, 3 and 4 Switch Control Panels    
High Efficiency Grease Extractors    
Stainless Steel Filters    
Specialty Baffle Type Grease Filters    
High-Velocity Cartridge Filters    
Standard Incandescent Light    
All Stainless-Steel Construction    
Finished Backs    
Listed Fire Damper in Exhaust Collar