Jet Fans Series | Applications

Ducted Option

Fresh air is drawn in via access ramps, louvers, shafts or supplied by fans. Extract grilles may have been located at a high level, low level, or both.

jet fan system example

jet fan system example

Jet Fans System

Jet Fans distributed within the car park area induce airflow throughout the parking area. Thus air flows from air inlets, is induced throughout the parking area toward the extract points, to minimize or eliminate areas of stagnant air.

Jet Fans Concept

The concept comes from the experience of longitudinal ventilation in tunnels. The removal of air ducts within the parking area may assist in building design by maximizing useful parking space, and reducing the potential for conflict with other services, especially during installation. However, care must be taken with the selection and location of these Jet Fans to ensure effective and efficient air movement, to provide proper pollution control.