S&P Products

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S&P's accessories are available to enhance your air movement system.

Ceiling & Cabinet Fans

S&P's range of Ceiling and Wall Mounted Centrifugal Exhaust fans primarily exhaust air from bathrooms in residential and commercial settings.

Centrifugal Filtered Supply Fans

Centrifugal Filtered Supply fans provide make-up air to commercial or industrial applications.

Centrifugal Roof & Wall Fans

Centrifugal Roof and Wall fans are installed on a roof curb or exterior wall. These types of fans are used to exhaust and/or supply air in commercial or institutional buildings.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilators supply and exhaust equal amounts of air creating a balanced system which is optimal for all applications.

Gravity Vents

Gravity Vents are spun aluminum intake/relief ventilators designed for use in both gravity and mechanical ventilation systems.

High Volume Low Speed

Tornado and Tempest High Volume Low Speed (THVLS) Series are specially designed to move greater quantities of air at lower operating speeds. These fans are equipped with wingtips to redirect outward airflow downward.

In-line/Sidewall Duct Fans

Duct Mounted Mixed Flow In-line fans are used to exhaust, supply, or boost air through ductwork from one area to another in residential and commercial settings.

Jet Fan Series

Jet Fans are a pollution control solution that help induce air to a common exhaust point through directed airflow.

Outside Air Motorized Damper Kits

The MDX-ES24VK from S&P allows air to enter dwellings to meet building code and ventilation standards requirements through a motorized damper controlled by a 24V temperature/humidity monitoring control.

Premium CHOICE Series

Premium CHOICE Series ventilation fans give you the flexibility to create the ventilation system you need with our unique plug-&-play technology developed by S&P.

reFresh Series

The reFresh Series is engineered to meet building and energy codes that call for ASHRAE 62.2 CFM requirements with a design that provides homeowners with the best IAQ solution in an all-in-one unit.

Roof Propeller Fans

The Roof-Mounted Propeller fans are installed on the roofs of buildings to remove or supply air from commercial and industrial facilities economically.

Sidewall Propeller Fans

Sidewall Propeller fans are installed on the exterior wall of a building. These types of fans are used to pull air inside the building and expel it outside.

Tubeaxial Fans

The Duct-Mounted Tubeaxial fans are designed to supply, exhaust, and boost air in applications with moderate static pressure.

Utility Vent Sets

The Roof-Mounted Centrifugal Utility Vent sets are designed to work in medium and high-pressure static pressure applications to exhaust or supply air.

Prices, policies, shipping, and lead times are subject to change without prior notice.