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New Centrifugal Power Roof Ventilators

S&P has recently redesigned our Centrifugal Power Roof Ventilators to make them available in larger sizes with higher pressure options that are more economical and well prepared for coming energy efficiency regulations. With this redesign, we are discontinuing certain models and replacing it with their equivalent model.

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INTELLIVENT — Fans That Think For Themselves

The INTELLIVENT system from S&P is an energy efficient, balanced whole house ventilation solution in compliance with ASHRAE 62.2. Intellivent combines a low profile bathroom exhaust fan, outside air motorized damper kit, and relay into one quick solution that will improve the Indoor Air Quality of your home or business.

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reFresh Series Product Overview
Envirosense Ventilation Control
Part 1: Product Overview
Envirosense Ventilation Control
Part 2: Wiring Your ES24V
Envirosense Ventilation Control
Part 3: Setting Up Your ES24V
refresh Full Size 160 EC ENERGY STAR

An Energy-Efficient Start to a reFresh-ing New Year

In 2018 S&P released the reFresh series with its sleek, compact design and energy efficient motor to help improve the indoor air quality of residential and multi-family dwellings. This year, ENERGY STAR® has recognized our reFresh Full Size 160EC models as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2019!

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