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INTELLIVENT — Fans That Think For Themselves

The INTELLIVENT system from S&P is an energy efficient, balanced whole house ventilation solution in compliance with ASHRAE 62.2. Intellivent combines a low profile bathroom exhaust fan, outside air motorized damper kit, and relay into one quick solution that will improve the Indoor Air Quality of your home or business.

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Backdraft and Motorized Dampers

New Sizes! Our Extensive Damper Line is growing.

S&P's Backdraft and Motorized Dampers are used in residential and commercial applications to regulate the building's airflow. We have expanded from our offering of just a 6 inch MD model to now including sizes ranging from 4 to 14 inches.

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Envirosense Ventilation Control
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Envirosense Ventilation Control
Part 2: Wiring Your ES24V
Envirosense Ventilation Control
Part 3: Setting Up Your ES24V
Outside Air Solution

Quality Air for a Healthy Lifestyle

Today's buildings are built to be tighter and more energy efficient than ever before. Vapor barriers, caulking, high R-value insulation, better windows, and tighter joints have resulted in less air filtration and more efficient spaces.

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